Denox® DT – Typ K – Döner Tabla Redüktörü

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Denox® DT – Typ K

Power 37 – 130 kW

Nominal torque 2,600 – 12,000 Nm

The Denox® DT Rotary table drive series can be delivered either with a belt pulley transmission or with a bevel gear, according to the customer’s preference. These shift gearboxes can be used either as single drives to drive faceplates in vertical lathes for continuous turning operation, or by minimizing backlash as dual drives for positioning and milling operations.The drive units feature outstanding compactness and therefore provide highest power density with minimal space requirements. Elastic clutch systems, belt pulleys, cogged belts and gearing components such as intermediate gears and toothed rings from our product range can be added to your drive system as an option to provide a system solution.